Long-Form Video Investigations
The Gold That Has Gone

Osama Eldeeb and Mahmoud El Wakie


In this long-form video, Osama Eldeeb and Mahmoud El Wakie investigate why cotton cultivation in Egypt has declined over the past four decades. They trace the deterioration of a major industry to foreign and local policies by the government that favor international agencies.

War Traders

Saada Abdelkader, Aseel Sareya, and Youssef Selim

Egypt, Yemen, and Syria

In their investigation, Saada Abdelkader, Aseel Sareya, and Youssef Selim track human traffickers who exploit Syrians and Yemenis, convincing them to sell their organs through Egyptian hospitals. Lax authority by Egyptian authorities makes the exploitation easy.  


Drugs on Trial

Ali Sotouhy and Azza Mughazy


This investigation documents how global pharmaceutical companies and research centers, in collusion with government agencies and Egyptian doctors, take advantage of very sick patients, in violation of local and international laws, by testing drugs on them.

Short-Form Video Investigations
Journeys of No Return

Aseel Sareya


In this investigation, Aseel Sareya looks at the Yemeni-Eritrean dispute over fishing rights in the Red Sea and documents how Yemeni fishermen have ended up  in danger and subjected to repeated detention by Eritrean authorities.

Children of ISIS

Asaad Zalzaly


In this video, Asaad Zalzaly investigates what happened to families of ISIS fighters after the fall of the Islamic State in Iraq. It documents harsh living conditions in camps they are forced to live in.   


Only Half Alive

Saleck Zeid


This investigation by Saleck Zeid documents the deplorable living conditions of  Mauritanians freed after years of being held in slavery, before it was finally outlawed. The ex-slaves cannot get identification papers or access to other services in the absence of real protection by authorities.

Data Investigations
Tunisia: The Routes of Arms Smugglers

Walid Elmagary


From Libyan Facebook groups to Jihadi camps in the Shaanbi Mountains, journalist Walid Elmagary  reveals how Tunisia has turned into a warehouse and transit route for weapons.

Black Inhalation

Rahma Diaa


Journalist Rahma Diaa investigates the threats of coal emissions from cement factories on neighboring residential areas, revealing that the government has violated environmental law by allowing the plants to use coal.


The Opposition Test

Maha Salah el Dine


Journalist Maha Salah el Dine finds there is no real opposition in the Egyptian Parliament. Constitutional tools for opposition MPs to question and monitor the government are going unused.

Serving your Sentence is Often Not Enough

Rawan Nakhleh and Musab Al-Shawabkeh


In an intensive investigation, reporters Rawan Nakhleh and Musab Al-Shawabkeh reveal how dozens of Jordanian laws and rules keep on punishing felons long after they have finished serving their prison time. An arsenal of laws keeps ex-cons from getting jobs, entering politics, and enjoying other rights.

Always Outsiders

Ansar Abu Fara and Hala Nasr El Dine

Ansar Abu Fara and Hala Nasr El Dine look at the consequences of prohibiting Jordanian and Lebanese women from passing citizenship onto their children. They are deprived of free health care, education, and later work permits.

Raped Children Later Cope with Psychiatric Disorders

Aya Nabil


In this piece, journalist Aya Nabil checks on children who were subjected to sexual abuse in Egypt, and documents a lack of treatment and counseling that has led in some cases to mental issues and even suicide.

Best In Arab Word
Domestic Work Recruitment Offices

Basma Mostafa


Journalist Basma Mostafa finds in the course of this investigation that some so-called domestic work recruitment offices actually are gateways to prostitution and trafficking.

Polluted Port

Mahmoud Haneya


This investigation by Mahmoud Haneya discloses corruption in the Palestinian Naval Unit that has allowed illegal fishing in the Port of Gaza despite prohibitions by agricultural and environmental authorities.

Ramallah Government Exports Expired Drugs

Ahmed El Komi


The finding of this investigation by Ahmed El Komi was that through lack of oversight, Ramallah has been sending old and nearly expired medicines to the badly under-supplied hospitals of Gaza.