Winners of the 2020 ARIJ Awards

Gold Award
Egypt's Coronavirus Gamble

Ahmad Al Shami


The investigation reveals how Egypt has been misusing a coronavirus antibody test to screen air passengers and medical staff for the virus. Antibody tests detect whether people have previously had the virus not whether they currently have it. It revealed that Egypt bought the antibody test from Canada and that the test has still to be approved by Canadian health regulators.

Silver Award
The Weapon’s Power

Mahmoud El Wakea


The investigation uncovers the route of Emirates and Turkish weapons into Libya in violation of UN resolutions prohibiting arms exports to the country.

Bronze Award (1)
Eternal Hostages

Wael Sharha


The report documents how the divergence of legal courts violates the rights of inmates, revealing how a lack of judges, handcuffs and vehicles hinders the process of litigation and the judiciary, thus leaving the prisoners waiting for sentences to be decided and enforced. 

Bronze Award (2)
Death License

Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq


The investigation uncovers how Mauritian citizens set out on dangerous and often deadly missions to explore and mine for gold, amid government leniency and a major lack of support mechanisms. 

Special Mention For Investigation
International Ban

Ramadan Hassan


The investigation documents how the Egyptian Weightlifting Federation was eliminated by the Independent Member Federation Sanctions Panel (IMFSP) after several weightlifters were tested positive in out-of-competition tests revealing the use of steroids in their nutritional supplements. The investigation shed the light on the shattered dreams of several weightlifters and put the future of almost 50 weightlifters of both genders. 

The Best Arab Investigation On COVID-19
Quarantine in Yemen: The Great Escape

Mohammed Al Hasani


The investigation documents the inhumane conditions and fear of catching the virus that caused Yemenis to flee their quarantine areas as designated by the internationally-recognised government. It follows several individuals and their escapes through bribing and colluding with authorities.